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About FPT Telecom

FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) is one of the leading telecommunications and Internet services providers who are trusted and chosen by customers all over Vietnam and the region.

Established on January 31, 1997, FPT Telecom originated from FPT Online Exchange (FOX), founded by four members, with its first intranet network in Vietnam called "Trí tuệ Việt Nam" ("Vietnamese Intellectual"), which is considered to be the foundation for the development of the Internet in Vietnam.

Besides, the company has been making its mark on the international arena with 12 branches spread throughout Cambodia and 1 branch in Myanmar.

FPT Telecom was founded in 1997 as a group company under the umbrella of FPT Corporation (headquartered in Hanoi; Chairman and CEO: Trương Gia Bình), Vietnam's largest IT conglomerate. FPT Telecom, which is engaged in businesses such as ISP, data center, optical fiber communications (FTTH), and SI, has more than 15,000 companies as customers. FPT Telecom's ISP business boasts the second largest share in terms of subscribers in the Vietnam ISP market.

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About FPT Corporation

The leading technology company in Vietnam.

Founded on September 13, 1988, with IT and Telecommunications as its core businesses, FPT is currently providing its services to 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam and is constantly expanding its global presence – now operating and available in 45 countries.

During the development process, FPT has always been striving to provide its customers with optimal technology services, products and solutions. At the same time, FPT is a pioneer in adopting new technology trends, helping to affirm Vietnam's position in the fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution. FPT will continue to be a pioneer in providing comprehensive digital transformation services to organizations and businesses on a global scale.