Instruction for customers to report spam calls / Make promotional calls

Implementing Decree 91/2020/ND-CP, FTI would like to give some instructions during the process of customers using the fixed subscription that FTI provides as follows:

I. Instruction for customers to report spam calls

In case your fixed subscriber receives spam calls – phone calls that are fraudulent, harassing, or annoying, you can send feedback, along with providing evidence of information. via: – Switchboard receiving reports of spam calls 156

II. Instruction to make promotion calls

Implementing Decree 91/2020/NĐ-CP, FTI’s customers when making advertising calls need to comply with a number of regulations as follows:

1. Regulations when making promotional phone calls:
  • Unauthorized to make promotional call to phone number in “DoNotCall” list
  • Need to end making advertising calls immediately after receiving the User’s request to refuse.
  • Each Advertiser is not allowed to make more than 01 advertising phone call to a phone number within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed with the User.
  • Advertising calls are only allowed from 08:00 to 17:00 every day unless otherwise agreed with the User.
  • Advertising content must comply with legal regulations on advertising.
  • Only make advertising calls when you have been granted an identification name and are not allowed to use phone numbers to make advertising calls.

  • Every promotional phone call must have complete information about the person making the advertising phone call (including name, address) and be introduced first before providing promotional content. In case of advertising for fee-based services, full information about fees must be provided.
  • In case the User refuses to receive advertising phone calls, the Advertiser must immediately stop continuing to make advertising phone calls to that User.

  • Definitions:

  • Products, goods and services for profit purposes;
  • Products and services have no profit purpose;
  • Organizations and individuals trading in introduced products, goods and services, except current news;
  • Social policies;
  • Personal information;

  • Để không gọi vào Danh sách không quảng cáo, khách hàng có thể:

  • Register to use FTI’s DoNotCall service by calling FTI’s Customer Care hotline 19006600 for instructions;
  • Visit website: fti.fpt.vn for detailed instructions;
  • Or visit https://ais.gov.vn/ for more information.

  • Includes no more than 11 consecutive characters using Latin letters, numbers (from 0 to 9) or characters (-), (_), (.), and spaces; does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters; zero is a collection of numbers only and is used to display or identify information about the sending source.
  • All organizations and individuals can look up information about identification names or submit identification name registration applications online at the National Identification Name Management System at tendinhdanh.ais.gov.vn

    Every organization and individual has the right to register and use an unlimited number of identifiers for advertising purposes.