Experience the benefits of a modular cloud infrastructure that runs from standard hardware with OpenStack services provided by by FPT Telecom International. Deploy the tools you need, when you need them, all from one place.

Increase agility and lower costs while avoiding vendor lock-in with OpenStack Private Cloud. OpenStack is an open-source platform that uses pooled virtual resources to build and manage private and public clouds. The OpenStack projects handle the core cloud-computing services of compute, networking, storage, identity, and image services. More than a dozen optional projects can also be bundled together to create unique, deployable clouds. In virtualization, resources such as storage, CPU, and RAM are abstracted from a variety of vendor-specific programs and split by a hypervisor before being distributed as needed. OpenStack uses a consistent set of APIs to abstract those virtual resources 1 step further into discrete pools used to power standard cloud computing tools that administrators and users interact with directly.

Benefits of the OpenStack Cloud, provided by FPT Telecom International

A properly designed, integrated, and managed hybrid cloud can be as secure as traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. While there are some unique hybrid cloud security challenges (like data migration, increased complexity, and a larger attack surface), the presence of multiple environments can be one of the strongest defenses against security risks. All those interconnected environments let enterprises choose where to place sensitive data based on requirements, and it lets security teams standardize redundant cloud storage that can augment disaster recovery efforts.

Operational Expertise

Build an agile multi-cloud network of your preferred clouds


SLA 99.99% API uptime guarantee


Compliance and data sovereignty requirements.


A flexible infrastructure to help you remain competitive.

Lower Costs

A cloud architecture for scale and service availability.


A cloud architecture for scale and service availability.


Superior Model

Remove barriers to success with OpenStack delivered as a managed service.