At FPT Telecom we offer you a variety of managed services to successfully operate your business

  • Remote & Onsite Outsources

  • Network Infrastructure and System Monitoring, Operating, IT Helpdesk

  • IT Consultancy + Solutions + Deployment + Maintenance for enterprise customers

Assist with various services

Support end users

Report system status of customers (companies, organizations)

Make periodic reports on workload

Detail Scope of Work

Support users with Windows operating system

Support users to configure and use Microsoft Office

Support users to use anti-virus software

Check and install additional software and support devices which are provided and approved by the customer.

Network management

Printer management

Telephone equipment management

Supporting users using Windows operating system

  • Installing Windows operating system.

  • Backing up and restoring Windows OS.

  • Checking and updating the latest patch.

  • Cleaning and optimizing operating system memory.

  • Adding / Editing / Deleting / Changing user password.

  • Doing activation / backup of operating system license.

  • Training user how to back up important data.

  • Supporting user to solve other errors arising when using the operating system.

Supporting users to configure and use Microsoft Office

  • Installing, activating Microsoft Office.

  • Configuring and adding new email account to Outlook.

  • Backing up and restoring email data.

  • Supporting on creating and backing up Email rules on demand.

Supporting users to use anti-virus software

  • Installing and updating the latest version of antivirus.

  • Suggesting suitable antivirus software for the system.

  • Scanning virus periodically (quarterly / yearly)

Checking and installing additional software and supporting devices which are provided and approved by the customer

Network management

  • Checking the internet connection, contacting the ISP.

  • Checking the internal network connection status, handling and proposing solutions.

  • Ensuring Wifi coverage in areas as designed.

Printer management

  • Receiving and resolving basic errors: the workstation cannot detect the printer…

  • Notifying customers to contact repair and maintenance service suppliers.

Managing the system of switchboards, telephone equipment

Checking the status of the switchboard, the digital input signal, contact the equipment supplier for handling.

Depending on your demands, we provide you with the on-site or remote services with flexible cost.

Fulltime: FPT technicians working fulltime at customers' locations and complying with customers‘ regulations and processes.

Using Ticket: SLA (Service Level Agreement): 8x5xNBD response (8hrs per day, 5 days a week, ensuring that tickets will be received by the next working day as the latest).

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