Improve your financial operations and data standardization with FPT E-Invoice.

With FPT E-Invoice all your invoices are now can be initialized, made, sent, received, stored and managed electronically.

Just sign your electronic invoice with your electronic signature (digital signature) and the electronic invoices will have the same legal value as the regular paper invoice.

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Time saving

Reduce the load time of issuing, processing and storing invoices, compared to the paper invoices.


Reduce your annual operational expenses. Save costs on printing, issuing and storing traditional paper invoices.

Enhanced Security

No more damages related to your invoices: no more lost, torn, broken or burnt invoices. No more frauds or fabricated invoices. Securing your invoices and data.


Powered by the FPT Data Centers – the top reliable Data Centers in Vietnam. The first data centers in Vietnam to achieve the US-based Uptime Institute’s UPTIME TIER III standard. Certified ISO 9001, 50001, 270001.


FPT E-INVOICE meets different needs of different businesses and organizations: from small startups to large enterprises. Suitable for different types of invoices and integrated with accounting software, sales and business management.


FPT Telecom International is one of the leading telecom services providers in Vietnam. We commit to bring the superior quality services to accompany businesses in their development and competition processes.

Fast Development

Immediate account creation and operation set up right after signing the contract.

Loyalty Program

FPT customers using other FPT services, such as SMS Brandname, VoIP, data storage, transmission line, etc. – will receive a special loyalty program discount.