FPT Telecom is the largest and leading data center services provider in Vietnam.

All our data centers are fully redundant and designed complying with the modern international and local standards, which allows us to deliver reliability and uptime to our customers in Vietnam every day.

Our technical expertise together with professional support 24x7x365 help us provide you with the top-class customer service.

Leading data center services provider

We offer more than 30,000 dedicated servers of different kinds from famous brands such as DELL, HP, IBM, etc., which are continuously and smoothly running during all these years. Our experienced team of data center engineers constantly monitor the system, overseeing the security and uptime of our infrastructure, and owns comprehensive knowledge of any possible issues in operating the data centers.

The First Data Center

in Vietnam to achieve the US-based Uptime Institute’s Uptime Tier III standard.

We provide the highest level of data security and availability for our Customers by adopting stringent framework such as ISO 20000 (ITIL), Uptime Tier III, ISO 27001 (BS7799) and ISO 9001:2000.

Being the leading data center services provider in Vietnam, FPT Telecom does not stop, striving towards becoming the only data center in Vietnam to provide its customers with the 5-star excellence quality services.

Our data centers are conveniently located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate the needs and meet high requirements and expectations of our customers: government agencies and financial institutions, companies and organizations including large enterprises, SMBs and startups.

4 Data Centers
across Vietnam

3 operating data centers and 1 data center under construction in Ho Chi Minh City.

Total current capacity (excluding FPT Data Center District 9, HCMC) is 8.000 m2 and 3.400 racks.

Leading data center services


Data Centers across Vietnam


Total current capacity (㎡)


Currently Operating




FPT Duy Tân

Data Center, Hanoi

FPT Tân Thuận

Data Center, Distric 7, HCMC


FPT Distric 9

Data Center, HCMC


FPT Fornix

Data Center, Hanoi

2019 vietnam Data Center Services
Provider of the Year

November 14, 2019, Frost & Sullivan recognized Asia's leading companies at the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards held in Singapore., where FPT Telecom was honorably awarded 2019 Vietnam Data Center Services Provider of the Year.

The award was evaluated based on 6 criteria: financial performance, best practice, ability to meet customer needs, brand transparency, influence, price and performance rating.

By receiving this award, FPT Telecom proved its superior operation, complying with the global standards, industry certifications, highly qualified team of experts and its colossal level of customer service.

FPT Data Centers are built to comply with the high
international standards and evaluated by the
prestigious organizations in the field of data centers.

In order to create a highly resilient environment for your business-critical applications, data
and system, we provide multiple layers of redundancy built in our data centers.
All details are designed, built and operated with the execution and close supervision of
high-level experts to bring superior customer experience and unsurpassed quality of service.

  • International standard Data Centers

  • Modern technology

  • Convenient locations

  • The highest level of operation and quality management

  • Robust information system and data security
  • Sustainability and compliance with the energy management standard

  • Reliability of mission-critical systems and enterprise-grade infrastructure

  • Improved performance, efficiency and power consumption
  • Diverse telecommunications

  • Internet, Cloud and Data services and solutions

  • Flexible payment solutions

  • Highly qualified team of experts

  • Certified local support 24/7/365

Well-structured, manageable and scalable network.

Sophisticated usage of technology balances performance network with cost effectiveness.

Redundancy contributes to high availability and fault tolerance.

Introducing the
Data Center

FPT FORNIX Data Center –
The first-class data center.

D28 Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Convenient to access by public transportation systems, taxi and private transport

40 minutes from Nội Bài International Airport
9 kilometers from the city center

8-story building Construction area of 1221 m2 Capacity 6x210 racks

To ensure customers' systems security and interrupted
operation, we implement 6-layer security and access control
system with physical protection measures and digital safeguards
which are operated under strict security environment.

1. Data Center Tower Checkpoint

2. Data Center Floor Checkpoint

3. Data Center Zone Checkpoint

4. ICT Hall Checkpoint with Anti-tailgating System

5. Cage Checkpoint

6. Rack Checkpoint

Network infrastructure and transmission

FPT Data Centers are built to comply with the high
international standards and evaluated by the
prestigious organizations in the field of data centers.

Well-developed strong infrastructure and millions of Internet Broadband users:

• North / South backbone with the total 4 Tbps bandwidth with the gateway in Hanoi and HCMC Data Centers.
• 2000 Gbps peering connection with domestic telcos.
• 1445 Gbps QT bandwidth through undersea and land cables.
• Direct connection to Global Cloud Services Providers, such as Google, AWS, etc.
• Transmission to data center connectivity via 2 meet-me-room and 2 independent directions.