FPT iHome is a door sensor device that is capable of detecting instant status changes of doors, windows in your house.

FPT iHome Door Sensor immediately sounds an independent alert on the device to alert the homeowner and sends alarm notifications to mobile devices that are registered or authorized to track.

Moreover, iHome is made to increase the initiative for users in the emergency situations, such as having the intrusion of foreign objects or door condition is changed unexpectedly by human factors from inside or outside of your house. Especially for families with children, the iHome device minimizes the risk for children in case if their parents accidentally forget to close the door.

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FPT iHome is the best addition to your security cameras.

As most household and business owners never check their CCTV in real time, with iHome they now can be immediately alerted and then review when something is lost.

Easily set the schedule for warning time, share devices with your family members, select instant alerts and simply connect the devices with the existing home Wi-Fi system.

FPT iHome app is compatible with all popular mobile devices, running on IOS and Android operating systems.

The device's battery operating time is up to 3 months. The battery could be replaced simply by a common type of AAA battery.