Financial Institutions can protect their Internet facing systems from DDoS attacks and help prevent fraudulent activity such as credential abuse.

Government agencies can deliver online services to its citizens and ensure that there is enough capacity to cater for peak demand.

Fast-food outlets can provide mobile ordering apps that need to offer a great user experience that is fast and secure.

Media, Entertainment and Sporting companies can deliver live streaming or video on-demand over the Internet to its customers.

IP NGN (Next Generation Network) technology with prefix 73.xxx.xxx. The first landline telephone service in Vietnam operating via one connection.

Enterprise customers and SMBs

Domestic/International voice services, SMS brand name, Active message MO-MT, Hosted PBX, IP Centrex, SIP Acc, SIP Trunk, DID/DOD, etc.

International partners

VoIP, Voice termination, DID/DOD, etc.

FPT Hotline is the superior hotline call services. Bring the high quality, reliability, and exceptional uptime into your call center.

* Hotline Services with prefixes 18006xxx and 1900636xxx

Calls can be made from anywhere across the country and only to 1 single contact number prefix. Easy advertise your brand, using only one number across the country.

1800 Hotline

  • Customers are not charged for the calls.
  • Efficient Customer Service. Encourage customers to call you for product introduction and support.

1900 Hotline

  • Customers are charged for the calls.
  • Add value to your business by setup telephone network and provide the professional customer consultancy, customer care, or entertainment services.
  • Enterprises registered to use the Service is repaid a part of charges incurred in customer calls by FPT.

Improve your customer service and keep your customers posted on your latest news with FPT Messaging service.

FPT SMS Brandname

Brand name of your company, brand or a product will be displayed as “the Sender” of messages. Replace simple phone numbers to your brand name – increase attention and raise your customers’ awareness of your brand.

* FPT SMS Brandname service includes:

Advertising and marketing messages.

Customer service messages.

FPT Active Message – MOMT

Customers send a request with the specified syntax (referred to as MO) to the prefix 8x00. Then, in response they receive a message (referred to as MT) according to their request.

A great solution for businesses who:

Provide mobile content (ringtones, wallpapers, games).

Provide helpful information (lottery, stock, weather, gold price).

Launch promotion campaigns (send messages with product codes, discounts, activations, awards).

Provide TV and radio content and need to interact with their customers.