1. What network equipment product lines does FTI mainly distribute? What is SDN technology?

FTI is the main distributor of network equipment product libes applied and used SDN technology such as: UniFi, Aruba, Zyxel SDwan with Software Defined Network (SDN) technology that allows network administrators to quickly respond to business requests through a centralized controller on Cloud platform or on premise for free. The SDN controller centrally manages the devices that provide network services whenever we need it, regardless of the type of connection between the server and the device. The special thing is the infrastructure provided by FTI.

2. What are the customer’s benefits when buying FTI products?

Equipment is officially warranted
Cloud Controller is available to provide during using
Professional technical team supports directly

3. What are offers of agents when co-operating with FTI?

FPT is the only distributor in Vietnam providing Uni, Aruba, Zyxel lines, so agents will be supported with prices and valid receipts to participate in project bidding.