Consistent Infrastructure & Consistent Operations with VMware Cloud services provided by FPT Telecom International.

Experience the benefits of VMware Cloud — in your own data center, FPT Telecom data center or a colocation facility in Vietnam. VMware provides subscription-based services that require resource commitments via the standard IT procurement process.

We provide expertise and management for VMware Private Cloud in customer data centers and colocation facilities in Vietnam.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Providing a single tenant private cloud with dedicated computing servers, layer-2 network isolation for workload traffic, persistent storage volumes, and a dedicated cloud management instance. Infrastructure capacity can be allocated to a single virtual data center or multiple virtual data centers.

Virtual Private Cloud

Providing a multi-tenant virtual private cloud with logically isolated resources on a shared physical infrastructure, configured as a single virtual data center with networking resources. A customer cannot have multiple virtual data centers with a Virtual Private Cloud service because the Virtual Private Cloud service is provided as a single virtual data center.

FPT Telecom International together with VMware can help you to overcome your biggest challenges


Providing disaster recovery services and maintaining service level agreements while preventing an unplanned downtime.

Cost controls

Removing costs from the data center and shifting from CapEx to OpEX expense model.

Risk mitigation

Complying with security, data sovereignty, government mandates and local laws that apply to the handling of data.


An ability to quickly response to demands of the business.


Can be used on demand to increase the ability to run customers’ business.

Expertise & innovation

Always staying up-to-date to serve customers better.

Developer productivity

Together with repetitious task elimination

Why FPT Telecom International?

We provide validated services to our customers who want to expand into the hybrid cloud while leveraging their existing investments in VMware virtualization technology, management, and processes

Streamlining your IT and data center management, without compromising consistency and control.

Empowering our customers and end users to self- provision and manage their own environments.

Full IT automatization.

Providing our customers with the most comprehensive, reliable and compatible level of service. With our expertise and VMware technologies, FPT Telecom International offers a true hybrid cloud experience with security and compliance, data sovereignty and validated services.

True hybridity

Ensuring compatibility with services based on the same VMware platform they already use. Your company can seamlessly move existing and future workloads from on-premises environment to clouds and back again for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

Security & compliance

Your company can trust the inherent isolation provided by VMware as well as the network virtualization and application-level security policies. You can bypass risk and uncertain with compliance certifications and built-in standards for security and reporting to meet business and industry requirements.

Submarine fiber optic cable lines

With national clouds that give customers the peace of mind of knowing exactly where their data is being stored and transferred. With our infrastructure across every corner of the country, your company can keep its data and applications local for simplified adherence to national data security and privacy regulations.

Validated Services by VMware’s trusted platform on prescriptive technical requirements to ensure security, reliability and performance.

Streamlined management and automation across private and public clouds.

Workload portability and compatibility.

Specialized managed services custom-tailored by your requirements.

No cloud vendor lock-in.

Up to 99.999% application performance and reliability.

Enterprise-grade networking & security.

Enabled access to a broad ecosystem.

Security, highly availability and compliance.