1. What is FPT Cloud Connect?

FPT Cloud Connect is an advanced solution for businesses through a dedicated connection to the most popular cloud computing providers on the market in a simple, efficient and secure way.

2. What kind of service does FPT Cloud Computer provide?

FPT Cloud Compute is a service providing a virtual server (compute node) with very high and stable computing performance. With Portal Cloud system built separately, customers can actively manage and manipulate their virtual machines on a friendly, easy-to-use website interface.

3. How security is implemented in FPT Cloud computing?

FPT Cloud Computer service provides security features such as:

  • Address conversion hides the internal address of the server by NAT.
  • Firewall with access policy settings.
  • Service port forwarding between the local network and the public network.
  • Advanced virtual private network (client to site, site to site) and build intranets.

4. What is the difference between FPT Oncall and FPT CloudCX?

FPT Oncall is an IP PBX based on cloud computing platform and provides a unified enterprise communication solution: Voice call, Video call, Conference, SMS, WebRTC, files & photos sending. It is suitable for businesses that need hotline switchboards to serve professional customer care and fully meet the needs of switchboards for customer.

FPT CloudCX is a comprehensive, multi-channel Call Center & Contact Center solution on cloud computing platform in Vietnam. FPT CloudCX is designed for all business models and offers a great experience with multi-channel interoperability, multi-language support to increase work efficiency for employees and enterprises

5. What are the outstanding features of FPT CloudCX in the Vietnam market?

FPT CloudCX is a superior service for Vietnam market. FPT CloudCX is based on Cloud Infrastructure combining Genesys and CEX Lab technologies to bring your Call and Contact Center to a new higher level.